Plan Options

As part of our Campus Dining Services Program, you will receive a Meal Card that offers you purchasing power for our services. Students Living in a residence hall are required to have a meal plan. You are billed according to the meal plan the student chooses. 

Meal Cards can be used at the Dining Commons of any of the following Colleges: 

  • Scripps
  • Pomona
  • Pitzer
  • Claremont McKenna and
  • Harvey Mudd 

Your balance will show each time you complete a transaction at the register. As a precaution to you and your account, only the person pictured on the card is able to use that card. PLEASE do not loan your card to anyone. It is our policy to confiscate cards being used by someone other than the person pictured on the card. Also, report your card as lost at the Card Office, Steele Hall, immediately to protect your account. You are able to use one meal swipe per meal period. If you choose to eat at one facility and then, during the same meal period, you choose to eat again at the same or other facility, you will need to use your Board-plus dollars to purchase the second meal. Your Board-plus dollars are like a debt account. You are given a certain amount to start each semester. Each time you use your Board-plus dollars, the amount of your purchase is deducted from your account. You may continue to use you Board-plus dollars until your account is depleted. You are unable to add Board-plus dollars when it is depleted. 

All plans are administerd by the Claremont Card Office. To purchase a meal plan, call (909) 607-2273.

Check back soon for 2020/21 Meal Plan Updates!

16 Meal Plan
16 meals a week with $160 board plus dollars - cost is per semester
Price: $4,008

12 Meal Plan
12 meals a week with $120 board plus dollars - cost is per semester
Price: $3,708

Dining with a Guest

Visiting with a friend or family member. You are welcome to enjoy a meal with them in our servery. Your Meal Card can be used for your guests meals when the owner of the card is present at the time of purchase. You can come in and dine with a guest by swiping you card for a meal swipe for yourself and then swiping your card for Board-plus dollars for your guest. Board-plus dollars are the only source by which you can purchase a meal for a family member or friend. Regardless of the amount of meals on your account, or the amount of meals you have left for that week, your meal card can not be swiped twice during any one meal period so as to allow you to use a meal swipe to pay for your guest. Likewise, your card may not be given to another person to use, whether a friend or family member. We have no way of knowing if the card has been stolen or lost. 

Lost Card Information
Lose your meal card? Immediately report your card lost and a replacement card will be issued at the card office for a $10.00 fee. The replacement fee can not be deducted from the card’s balance. The old card will be deactivated and the new card will be activated at that time.