We are delighted to share our catering guide with you! From morning breakfast buffets and freshly brewed coffee to a casual feast and elegant hors d’oeuvres, these pages are filled with fresh and contemporary menus. These represent only a starting point, however. Our commitment to you is to customize menus as needed for any occasion. Whether your event is a breakfast meeting, a faculty luncheon or a retirement party, you will find that we offer fresh ingredients, creative preparations, elegant presentation, and thoughtful service. We would be pleased to help you design a menu for your next event. 

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Polices and Procedures

Final Guest Counts
Scripps College Catering requires a final count of the number of guests to be served two working weekdays (M-F) before an event. We will be happy to prepare for a 5% overset above your final guarantee. 

To cancel a catered function you must contact Scripps Catering Services three working days prior to the event. A fee of 30% of your guarantee will be charged if the function is not cancelled with our office (909-607-2977) before the specified date. If you do not formally cancel your function and the food is prepared, you will be charged the total cost of the event. 

Written Authorization
All events require a signature approving the amount as indicated on the contract prior to the start of the event. Any changes of the menu or location may require a new contract and signature.

Bud vases and three votive candles per table may be provided at no additional charge. Special centerpieces and decorations may be provided at an additional charge. Buffet set-ups include decorative centerpieces at no additional charge. 

Leftover Food Items
Due to liability restrictions, food left over after catering events may not be removed from the serving location unless a waiver is completed. Waiver forms are available from the Scripps Catering Office. 

Scripps Catering Services prides itself in providing quality food and service. In order to maintain the quality of our food, please make every effort to begin your event on time. Scripps Catering cannot be responsible for a decrease in food quality if the customer delays the service time of their event. Late charges for labor costs will apply to functions not ending by the scheduled time. 

Student Meal Card Credits
Departments may receive credit for 5-College students on the board plan that attend a catered event (breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner). To receive this credit, you must complete the Student Meal Credit form available online from the Dining Services Office. It must be returned to the Dining Services Office three days prior to your event.Please type or print clearly. The following are the credit rates:
Breakfast $2.20
Brunch and Lunch $3.35
Dinner $4.50

Charges Catered events not held in the Malott Commons will incur a minimum offsite delivery charge of $25.00.
Catered events held in the Margaret Fowler Garden or the Performing Arts Center will incur a minimum offsite delivery charge of $50.00.
Catered events held not on the Scripps Campus will incur a minimum offsite delivery charge of $30.00.
Catered events of 100 or more persons, not held in the Malott Commons, will incur additional labor charges based on the size of event.
Catered events not held in the Malott Commons that require china will incur a $2.50 per person charge.
Depending on the event and size of the group, additional charges may be incurred for the use of china.
Cloth table linens and napkins for buffets and served meals are included with your order.
If you require additional linens for non-dining/display tables, they may be may be rented at $5.75 per tablecloth and $1.00 per napkin.
All functions held in the Hampton Dining or Living Rooms require linen.
Special centerpieces and decorations can be provided at an additional charge.
Events held on Scripps-observed holidays are subject to additional labor charges.
Additional charges will apply to functions not ending by the scheduled time to cover additional labor costs, and will be charged at $25.00 per hour per server.
The minimum order for any event is $50.00. Orders not meeting this requirement will incur a surcharge to cover equipment and labor.
Receptions held in the Malott Commons or Hampton Room may incur a minimum of $15 service charge depending on the size of the event.

Alcohol Service

Scripps Catering cannot provide liquor or alcohol for your event. You will need to make arrangements for the purchase and delivery to your event site or the Malott Commons Kitchen prior to the event. There is no additional charge for wine service during your event. A bartender is required for any event requiring liquor service. Bartender service is $30.00 per hour per bartender, with minimum charges based on type and length of event. 

The Dining Services at Scripps College does not have storage space for liquor or alcohol leftover from an event. Please make arrangements to pick up any leftover liquor or alcohol the day after your event. Dining Services cannot deliver leftover liquor or alcohol and wants you to know that after five (5) days we will not be responsible for your beer, wine, or liquor.